INTO THE SEA shows the journey of three women, Irish surfer Easkey, Iranian snowboarder Mona and Iranian diver Shalha who are introducing a new sport in Iran: SURFING.
All three share a belief in the power of sport, especially surfing, as a way to break down barriers and connect with others. The film shows how these young women are encouraging more people to join them, bridging cultural and gender divides in a remote part of Iran. Together they are planting the seed for new opportunities and making history, becoming the first women to surf in Iran.

Time: 52 min
Director: Marion Poizeau
Editor: Bahman Kiarostami
Cast: Easkey Britton, Mona Seraji, Shalha Yasini


Deutsche Welle TV (Germany), Globosat TV (Brazil), Singapour Airlines, Gaité Lyrique (Paris), Pol Association (Genève), San Diego University (USA)

Festival: London International Surf Film, Tehran Cinéma Vérité, San Diego surf Film, Portugal Surf Film, Bali Surf Film, Honolulu Surf Film, London Adventure Film, Bayonne Kulture & Sport, La Rochelle film d’aventure, Lyon film d’aventure, Irland Surf film


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